EW Nutrition launches Pretect D to support poultry gut health during challenging periods

VISBEK, 28 September - EW Nutrition announces the launch of a novel gut health solution for poultry. Pretect D, a proprietary blend of phytomolecules, helps maintain bird performance and farm profitability.

Trials indicate that Pretect D offers natural support even during Eimeria-related challenges, making it an effective addition to programs focused on gut health issues.

"EW Nutrition is a front runner when it comes to innovations driving lower use of antibiotics and harmful chemicals in the animal production industry," says Michael Gerrits, Managing Director. "The introduction of Pretect D signifies our commitment to helping customers make livestock production more sustainable through best-in-class natural solutions."

Research with Pretect D conducted around the globe, in research institutes and under commercial conditions, evidenced improved body weight and lower feed conversion rate. EW Nutrition is also following up on initial results indicating significant oocyst count reduction.

"Poultry producers are affected by reduced animal performance and high costs for preventive and therapeutic control," says Madalina Diaconu, Product Manager for Pretect D. "What our product brings to the market is an ability to support the natural defenses of birds. We're also investigating our product's ability to impair the growth cycle of the Eimeria population." Pretect D is developed to be used in combination with vaccines, ionophores and chemicals, as part of the shuttle or rotation program.

About EW Nutrition

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Madalina Diaconu