High-availability Power Management With Advanced Server Protection

Siegburg, Germany -

Detecting system crashes and responding to emergencies, such as excessive temperatures, smoke or flooding, the new ePowerSwitch-X series sets new standards in remote power management and active server protection. Up to 136 network components can be individually switched on and off - manually or automatically.

Providing remote switching through networks, Leunig's remote power switches remove the need for on-site personnel. Their proven Guard function even automatically detects and restarts crashed devices.

The new ePowerSwitch-X system's innovative server protection goes even further: Through floating inputs, it monitors signals from one or more sensors, such as thermometers, smoke detectors or door switches. If it detects an abnormal situation, ePowerSwitch-X initiates a series of user-defined actions, for example restarting devices or switching off non-vital components to reduce excessive rack temperature. Through its floating outputs, the ePowerSwitch-X can also activate emergency devices, including sirens, sprinklers, pumps and coolers. It also sends e-mail notifications to specified users.

ePowerSwitch-X can control up to 136 switchable power outlets. Connected anywhere within the network, these are controlled either individually or assigned to one or more of 255 user-defined groups. To control access to manual control and administration functions, up to 255 user profiles can be defined. Consisting of a master and a series of slaves, the ePowerSwitch-X system's scalability makes it ideal for large, demanding applications.

Further features include an NTP-synchronized scheduler, a range of administrative applications, and 128-bit SSL and 1024-bit RSA encryption for exceptional network security. "With these performance features we are setting new standards in the capabilities of remote power switching systems." says technical manager Peter Leunig.

Despite their extensive functionality, the devices are extremely easy to set up and use, with a clear, user-friendly menu structure and many helpful features, including a built-in user manual, context help system and comprehensive logging complete with Syslog support.

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