Daon to Lead the Service Provider Council for Registered Traveler Interoperability Consortium (RTIC)

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 9, 2005--Daon, a world leading provider of identity assurance software products, today announced that it has been selected to lead and coordinate the activities of the Service Provider Council of the Registered Traveler Interoperability Consortium (RTIC). The RTIC is a group of over 60 airports working to define and establish a permanent, interoperable and nationwide Registered Traveler Program in the USA. The consortium set up the Service Provider Council to develop and review technical and business interoperability specifications. Daon has been selected to lead the Council based on its technological expertise and its experience in helping to deploy RT solutions.

The implementation of an interoperable, nationwide RT program will allow Registered Traveler participants to access the program at any airport where it is available. This will enhance aviation security, ease travel for passengers, and permit a better focus of security resources based on risk. All participating airports will certify their solutions into a common framework as outlined by the RTIC.

"The RTIC values the proven expertise and experience of Daon and has asked the company to lead and manage the activities of the Service Provider Council," explained Carter Morris, Senior Vice President, American Association of Airport Executives.

"Since the start of the TSA sponsored RT pilots in July 2004, Daon has championed the Registered Traveler concept and has been actively involved in delivering RT solutions to multiple airports in the USA," commented Tom Grissen, Daon's CEO. "We remain committed to supporting the emergence of a national market leveraging technical and business standards that will deliver interoperability to the airports and best serve the needs of the traveling public."

"The TSA's five pilots concluded successfully in September 2005 with impressive results and further positive feedback is expected from the live ongoing pilot in Orlando. This makes the RTIC's plans for a nationwide Registered Traveler Program very timely. Such a program will meet the needs of government, industry and travelers both now and in the future," said Grissen.

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Daon is a leading provider of identity assurance software products focused on meeting the needs of governments and commercial organizations worldwide. Daon supports customers and system integrators in building enterprise solutions requiring the highest level of security, performance, scalability, reliability and privacy. Daon's multi-modal web-based open identity infrastructure, DaonEngine, integrates seamlessly with multiple IT platforms and applications, is hardware and algorithm independent and manages the identity life-cycle of small and large populations. Privately held, Daon's offices are located in Washington DC, London and Dublin. For further information please visit www.daon.com

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