German MECOTEC Group delivers 8 containers for deep-freeze storage of Covid-Vaccines

· International demand for deep freeze cooling capacities for vaccines is growing

· One certified MECOTEC ISO-Standard 40ft. container offers space for over half a million vials

· Delivery to customer will be completed in November

Bitterfeld-Wolfen, November 2nd, 2021 - With the ramp-up of vaccine production the demand for ultra-low temperature solutions to safely store and transport the vaccines continues to rise. "We are pleased that - after delivering the world's first deep-freeze container solution to Asia in spring this year - we can once more demonstrate our leading competence in deep-freeze cooling solutions for pharmaceutical products," said Enrico Klauer, CEO of MECOTEC. "With our certified products we cover an important part within the logistic chain, in this case for Covid-vaccines," continues Klauer.

The ISO standard 40ft. container has been developed for the storage, transport and easy removal of deeply refrigerated goods that require permanent cooling at temperatures between -20°C and -80°C (-4°F and -112°F). The cold is generated purely electrically with two independent and redundant cold generator that achieve an availability of at least 98%. Storage capacity is over half a million vials. All containers have been qualified by an independent institute for refrigeration technology. Delivery to the customers has already started and will be completed in November.

The set-up of the MECOTEC container is threefold: The machine room is located at one end of the container, while access to the work area is from the other side of the container.

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