A remarkable discovery at Lake Thun

New images of the MOZART child prodigies?

Langenthal (ots) - In a hotel by the side of Lake Thun the MAGGINI-FOUNDATION, of Langenthal in Switzerland, has discovered two previously unknown MOZART pictures - a rare double miniature painted on ivory.

WOLFGANG is portrayed on one side, seated, and his sister NANNERL (MARIANNA) on the other.

The two children were both painted in water-colour (Guoache) by the same unknown but highly accomplished artist c. 1768.

The paintings have been examined by experts in the fields of art, music, history and science to confirm their authenticity.

This discovery brings new images of the child prodigies into the public view in time for the 250th anniversary celebrations of MOZART's birth on the 27th January 2006.

There will be an International Media Conference on:

9th December 2005 at 11.00 am in

The MARRIOTT Hotel, Zurich, Switzerland

In the Great Ballroom, 'MOZART'



The following experts will be present at the conference:

- Prof. Dr. Rudolph ANGERMÜLLER

Former secretary-general of the International Foundation Mozarteum Salzburg, Austria

- Prof. Dr. Manfred Hermann SCHMID

Director Music-Scientifical Institute University of Tübingen, Germany

- Dr. Robert KEIL

Art-scientist, Vienna

- Mister Harald STREBEL

Vicepresident of the Mozart-Society Zurich, Switzerland

- Prof. Luzius Emanuel WERNLY

President of the MAGGINI FOUNDATION, Langenthal, Switzerland

maggini@gmx.ch; www.maggini-stiftung.ch

The media representatives will have the opportunity to ask questions.

The AMATI Quartetto will play the Lodi string-quartetto KV80 wich was composed by MOZART when he was 15 years old.

In 2006 the paintings will be exhibited in Vienna, London and New York.


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