Comneon announces new releases of advanced mobile software at 3GSM

*** Unveils multi-mode 3GPP Release 5 Protocol Stack supporting HSDPA

** Launches ARAGON GUI Editor for APOXI™ Application Framework for speeding mobile phones to market

Nuremberg, Germany (ots) - Comneon GmbH & Co. OHG, a leading supplier of wireless software today raises the standard for next generation mobile devices by unveiling its 3GPP Release 5 protocol stack supporting High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA). Comneon is also shipping the latest version of the APOXI™ Application Framework for mobile terminals that includes the powerful ARAGON Graphical User Interface Editor and provides a generic interface to port APOXI™ onto any hardware and software platform for mobile communications. The APOXI™ Application Framework will be demonstrated at Infineon�'s Booth in Hall 1, Stand C08 at the 3GSM World Congress 2006 in Barcelona, Spain (13-16 February 2006).

"We are extremely pleased to be among the first to bring a 3GPP Release 5 product to our customers, with committed HSDPA deliveries this quarter," said Dr Christian Mucke, Managing Director of Comneon. "This new shipment, along with our ongoing UMTS/WCDMA 3GPP Release 6 development programme supporting High Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA), is an important milestone that solidifies our role as a leading wireless software partner to semiconductor companies and mobile phone manufacturers."

He adds, "Extending our software for mobile platforms, the latest version of the APOXI™ Application Framework will continue the industry momentum to make APOXI™ a reference middleware adopted for use in a wide range of mobile phone platforms with full scalability from low end entry phones to feature rich multimedia devices. It provides the best framework of its class for fastest time to market combined with lowest development cost."

3GPP Release 5 HSDPA Protocol Stack

HSDPA is a packet-based data service for 3G mobile networks supporting peak data transmission rates of 14 Mbps or speed up to seven times faster than that of UMTS/WCDMA. The technology will allow operators to maximise network capacity by improving performance for end users, allowing them to enjoy large-scale multimedia downloads, such as DVD-quality movies and interactive multimedia games. The Release 5/HSDPA protocol stack by Comneon, which is now available for integration, is an optional upgrade to Comneon�'s mature EDGE and WCDMA solutions that have undergone full conformance and interoperability testing with leading infrastructure vendors and operators across the globe. These protocol stacks have shipped in mass volume products worldwide.

APOXI™ Application Framework

APOXI™ is a best-in-class middleware with comprehensive APIs (Application Programming Interface) designed for use in a broad range of mobile phone devices, from media-rich feature phones to Low Cost entry devices. The APOXI™ comprises the APOXI™ Application Framework, the MMI Template and the GUI Editor. The latest version of APOXI™ drastically reduces the development time for mobile phones and allows for maximum reuse across all products and generations. The ARAGON GUI Editor allows mobile phone manufacturers to quickly and efficiently adapt their MMIs to the look and feel of all operator variants by using an intuitive drag-and-drop concept without even touching the source code, thus reducing the test and verification effort dramatically. Additional details on APOXI™ and the associated partner programme can be found on www.apoxi.com.

About Comneon

Comneon (www.comneon.com), a 100 percent subsidiary of Infineon Technologies AG, is a leading supplier of advanced software solutions for mobile communications. More than 400 skilled software engineers develop and support world-class software for next generation mobile phones at locations in Germany and Austria as well as customer support facilities worldwide. Comneon provides comprehensive solutions for a broad range of demanding mobile products, including GSM/ GPRS/ EDGE/ W-CDMA protocol stack software, the APOXI™ Application Framework and the IMS device framework and other tools, testing and mobile phone design services.

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