Pago Report 2006: Important Trends in European E-payment; Effective Fraud Prevention Helping to Increase Acceptance of E-commerce

COLOGNE, Germany--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 8, 2006--Pago eTransaction Services, an Acquiring and Payment Service Provider, has just published its annual analysis of purchase transactions in European online shops in a unique e-commerce survey entitled "Trends in Consumer Purchasing and Payment Behaviour in selected E-commerce Industries 2005". The study is unique because it is the only international e-commerce survey which is based on real-life purchase transactions and does not rely only on consumer polls. The 170-page report includes about 100 tables and nearly 100 informative graphs providing even more detailed analysis than its five predecessors.

The 2006 Pago Report is based on the analysis of some 50 million real-life purchase transactions processed through the Pago platform between 1 October 2004 and 30 September 2005. This represented a doubling of the transaction volume analysed compared with the 2005 Report. The report focuses on consumer behaviour and payment behaviour in European online shops include a look at the non-payment risks for online merchants serving European and international consumers. retailing, online gambling, health, telecommunications and travel, all typical e-commerce industries were analysed in detail.

Chargeback ratios fall significantly

"The most pleasing news for online merchants must be the fact that chargeback ratios have fallen significantly," said Dr. Markus Weber, Pago's Managing Director, "The average ratio has fallen from 0.83% in 2004 to just 0.48% in the report period". He added that this was also due to improved fraud prevention mechanisms in the card-not-present domain.

European e-commerce grew strongly too. Stabilisation of e-commerce and e-payment structures associated with growing consumer acceptance is causing a boom in e-commerce. "The period analysed in the 2006 Report, however, only hints at the beginnings of this trend. The number of transactions processed in Q3 of 2005 was significantly higher than a year ago."

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