New cancer vaccine developed by the Viennese high tech company Trimed Biotech

Vienna, June 20th, 2006AOP Orphan invests in Trimed Biotech: together an individualised treatment concept for cancer shall be developed.

A success story is reported from the Austrian biotechnology scene. With AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals AG the Viennese company Trimed Biotech GmbH has found an adept investor and partner for the further clinical development of its cancer vaccine Trivax.

Trivax is an individualised cancer medicine specifically targeting a patient�'s tumour cells. So far approximately sixty patients received more than four hundred applications of Trivax. Although it is still to early to finally judge the clinical benefit for the patients, the results obtained are quite convincing. Trimed will soon start a clinical trial for the treatment of patients suffering from kidney cancer that is designed to deliver data supporting the efficiency of cancer treatment with Trivax.

Trimed was founded as a subsidiary of the St. Anna Children�'s Cancer Research Institute, Vienna, A. It received grants from the Vienna�'s Centre for Innovation and Technology (ZIT) and Austria�'s Research Promotion Agency (FFG). Thomas Felzmann, CEO of Trimed, together with his research team developed the basic technology and conducted the clinical pilot trials.

The majority ownership by AOP Orphan provides the financial basis for Trimed and AOP Orphan�'s expertise in the clinical development of individualised therapies will help Trimed to complete product development. "The kidney cancer trial program will be finished in about three years," says Mister Felzmann optimistically. "If this revolutionary cancer treatment strategy turns out to benefit patients it will represent a critical advancement of the 21st century�'s cancer medicine."

For additional information and further reading Mister Felzmann will be available:

Thomas Felzmann, MD, MBACEO, Trimed Biotech GmbH, Kinderspitalgasse 6, A-1090 Vienna, AustriaPhone: +431 40170-4060Fax: +431 40170 7150E-Mail: thomas.felzmann@ccri.at