PM International celebrates its 30th anniversary


One of the world's most successful direct selling companies, PM-International, celebrates its birthday: A two-day event in the Rosengarten and the SAP Arena in Mannheim marks the 30th anniversary of one of the world's leading direct sales companies for health, fitness and beauty. Around 15,500 guests, business partners and VIPs from all over the world accepted the company's invitation and joined them live in Mannheim. More than 100,000 viewers attended the event online on the company's own streaming platform PM TV.

An evening gala in the Rosengarten Mannheim opened the celebrations of the anniversary weekend on Friday. About 1,700 invited guests attended the exclusive gala. They were able to experience numerous show acts, of which Norwegian singer Angelina Jordan was the highlight of the evening.

On Saturday, the 30th Anniversary World Congress in the SAP Arena followed. The anniversary event began with the appearance of company CEO and Founder Rolf Sorg. In his speech, Rolf Sorg reviewed the 30-year history of PM-International and invited numerous guests to the stage who played important roles in the development of PM-International. Afterwards, in front of the sold-out stadium audience, he recognized the team effort behind the globally growing successful company. "The success of PM-International is only possible due to all of you. It is your consistency, focus and hard work. It's not magic, but your discipline and ambition made it happen. Thank you so much," says Rolf Sorg.

With a presence in more than 45 countries on five continents and over 1000 employees, PM-International is one of the top 10 companies in the direct selling industry. Since the company was founded in 1993, more than 800 million FitLine products have been sold worldwide. With more than 70 patents and strategic cooperation with various research institutions, as well as ELAB Analytic GmbH, PM-International ensures that the premium standard of FitLine products is always maintained.

Product innovation: FitLine Fitness Drink

Rolf Sorg's speech was followed by Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Tobias Kühne, who presented the new formulation of a popular product from PM-International's own brand FitLine: FitLine Fitness Drink. The new development of the product, which already has three patents, was tested with athletes in cooperation with the University of Trier and shows some remarkable results.

Charity Foundation PM We Care takes on additional 800 child sponsorships

Vicki Sorg, Director of Charity and Promotion, spoke about PM-International's worldwide charity work, especially in regards to the ever-increasing number of child sponsorships. She announced that PM-International, in cooperation with World Vision, will round up the currently existing 5,200 child sponsorships worldwide to 6,000. "In the last five years, we have increased our charity donations by 70% and in 2023 alone now taken on 1,600 additional sponsored children," explains Vicki Sorg. Since PM We Care and World Vision started their cooperation, more than 60 long-term development projects around the world have been reliably funded and the lives of tens of thousands of sponsored children, their families and communities have been changed for the better. With 6,000 sponsored children worldwide, PM-International is the largest corporate sponsor for the humanitarian, relief and development work of World Vision, which is a leader in this sector.

Experience innovation live

General Manager Marketing Wojcech Foremnik and Chief Technological Officer Márton Fülöp took the stage and spoke about the newest technical innovations that put PM-International one step ahead of the competition. "We at PM-International and FitLine have looked at the constructive criticism and feedback from our distributors to develop future-oriented solutions," they explained. The latest developments are tailor-made to the needs of PM-International's sales partners and business builders regarding an increasingly digitalized world. At the same time, they emphasized that direct sales themselves will never take place entirely online or offline. "People will always meet, but again, the future is in the middle. For this reason, we are actively advancing in our development to shape the future of our industry ourselves," says Wojcech Foremnik. This was also underlined by Rolf Sorg, who explained that "The future is hybrid."

New innovations include the FitLine App, PM Pay+, which allows partners to receive their earnings in real time, and another digital office solution. "All these new tools can be used with mobile phones, which makes it possible to work at any given time from everywhere all over the world," explained Márton Fülöp.

One of the highlights of the evening were the recognitions of the most successful partners on the stage of the sold-out SAP Arena, which were given by the senior sales executives from Europe and the Asia-Pacific Region, Patrick Bacher and Marcus Sandström.

Lastly, Rolf Sorg spoke about the future of PM-International and his vision for the next three years. PM-International has set a clear goal: reaching the Top 5 in their industry ranking and achieving a sales revenue of 5 Billion Dollars. "Offering people a unique opportunity to make a free-will decision for self-employment with no risk, freedom to choose your work time, and the ability to have a lot of fun creating instant extra income," on this way is the top priority for Rolf Sorg and PM-International. "We don't want to chase trends, but actively be a part of shaping the direct selling industry. That's why we at PM-International are continuously committed to introduce new future-oriented, innovative solutions," Rolf Sorg concluded, announcing the implementation of a Virtual Warehouse.

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