Guizhou Satellite TV debuted the inaugural episode of the 'Exploring Guizhou Series': Surprising Exploration in Shuanghe Cave

Every mountain has beautiful views to offer and the park lies wherever your glance rests on. Guizhou, located in southwest China, is the only province that is not supported by plains. All area is mountainous and it is also named after mountains, so it is also known as the "Province of Mountain Parks". In Guizhou, one of China's five major landforms, the "Karst landscape", occupies about 62% of the province's land area. Guizhou continues to attract foreign tourists with its odd mountains, wonderful waters and ecological environment on this piece of land, which is also known as "80% of mountains, 10% of waters and 10% of farmland".

The short video series "Be My Guest · Modern Guizhou", originally produced by Guizhou Satellite TV, invites foreign friends to visit Guizhou in the form of a reality show to record their real lives in the local area. In this episode, TARADA VALERIYA, a Kazakh student studying at Guizhou university, and DIMITRIEVA TATIANA, an outdoor enthusiast from Russia, were invited by outdoor adventure photographer Zhou Yuanjie to Shuanghe Cave, Suiyang, Zunyi in Guizhou to experience a variety of ways to have fun in the deep mountains of Guizhou. They have not only learned a lot of outdoor adventure knowledge from Zhou Yuanjie, but also gained plenty of knowledge about caves and geology from Jean Bottazzi, an internationally renowned cave explorer from France who has lived in Guizhou for more than 20 years.

"We were really astonished by the variety of gameplay in the deep mountains of Guizhou, as we can not only experience the '100m fast descending' from the outside of the mountains, but also 'fly over the cliffs' from the inside, so that the continuous mountains in Guizhou remind us of a Chinese idiom- 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon'." Through this spelunking trip, DIMITRIEVA TATIANA and TARADA VALERIYA were deeply attracted by Guizhou's unique landform and beautiful landscape. They hope to go deep into Guizhou again in the future, explore other places, and experience more of Guizhou's natural scenery.

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