Auction of the year with Klimt's "Portrait of Fräulein Lieser": Live feed and news feed offers for TV and online streaming

30 million? 50 million? How high will the sale price climb at the auction house im Kinsky? We provide the live feed from Vienna as a satellite downlink and stream which you can use live or in news coverage. The auction house im Kinsky will present a rediscovered exquisite work of Austrian Modernism as part of the exclusive special auction on 24 April 2024. This portrait of a lady from Gustav Klimt's late creative period has been missing until now and its rediscovery has become a worldwide sensation.

In order to better plan the coverage of this unique and sensational auction of Klimt's "Portrait of Fräulein Lieser", we are offering live feeds for TV and online media on behalf of our broadcast partner P8 Content Power, for use as a live broadcast/stream or as a news feed for prompt utilisation of the material after the auction (from around 6.00 p.m. CET) for use in evening news broadcasts and online news pages.
If you are interested, please send your request directly to DI (FH) Philipp Tirmann (broadcast@p8.eu) using the order numbers below to obtain further information (including any handling fee) and the rights agreement.

We offer the following options for the live broadcast of the auction, including additional content for multimedia coverage on TV and online platforms:

    1. World Feed:

      1. Auction of around 25 works in total from 5.00 to 6.00 p.m. CET

      2. Auction of the Klimt painting expected around 5.30 p.m. CET

      3. 8-camera live feed in Full HD

      4. audio-clean

      5. Graphic add-on for the current status of the auction

      6. Order option:

        1. Satellite downlink incl. rights for live transmission | Order number P8001

        2. Satellite downlink for use in news coverage | Order number P8002

        3. Live stream | Order number P8003

    1. Assets (available in German DE or English EN or clean audio):

      1. From 7 days before broadcast

        1. Four professionally edited articles on the auction:

          1. "The Auction House im Kinsky" | Order number P8101 (DE or EN or clean)

          2. "The Expertise of the Auction House im Kinsky" | Order number P8102 (DE or EN or clean)

          3. "The Klimt Painting" | Order number P8103 (DE or EN or clean)

          4. "Step by Step from Introduction to Auction" | Order number P8104 (DE or EN or clean)

      2. The day after the broadcast

        1. A professionally edited article:

          1. "The Auction of the Klimt Painting" | Order number P8105 (DE or EN or clean)

Exclusivity agreement possible for individual countries.

Requests for quotations to:

P8 Content Power GmbH

DI (FH) Philipp Tirmann


Further information for editors: The press invitation and information on accreditation options on site in Vienna will be announced on 10 April. If you have any editorial questions in advance, please contact Catharina Solt, PR agency LOEBELL NORDBERG, at the e-mail address cs@loebellnordberg.com.