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BERLIN, Germany

- Capital Cities are Competing for the Big Event

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The Berlin artist, Andre Hunger, announced today that his project, with the temporary working title "Heartbreaker", will start its world tour in May 2008. The art project will travel to 12 capital cities and remain in each of them for 5 months. The capital cities competing for the project include Barcelona, Sydney, London, Tokyo and Oslo. The interest in the tour is such that the participating cities will enter a contest. The capital city with the highest starting capital will be the winner. According to Andre Hunger, the final decision will be made in February 2007.

The original plan was to start the tour in Berlin, however, the bureaucratic barriers in the city proved to be insurmountable.

The artist intends for "Heartbreaker" to engage the viewer and make them feel their own positive energy. Andre Hunger is convinced that his art will be successful in releasing the energy of the observer. The visitor will be able to actually access the sculpture, a symbiosis of a Formula 1 race car and a super bike. The inside of the sculpture will house a special exhibition with a unique content never attempted before. In this exhibition, the visitor will be able to interactively experience the life of a race car driver through audiovisual means and explore his/her own feelings about the experience in a multisensory way. Well-known protagonists will create this "alternative reality" via photos and recordings at original sites. Twelve internationally renowned photographers will re-create the daily experience of a race car driver. The sound for this event will be provided by twelve international top musicians. The sculpture's dimensions are another fascinating aspect of this unique art project: approx. 40 m wide, 100 m long and 25 m high.

Completely new materials and construction procedures were necessary to realize the project in its impressive size. The experts confirm that the immediate realization of this futuristic work is impending. To refine static calculations for the sculpture, some additional tests in the wind tunnel will still need to be completed. The planning and preparation phase is over.

200 partners and sponsors are especially excited about the impending start of the project, and they will all compete to win the first matching offer for being the initial city where this world tour will start. An exquisite team of 50 experts composed of designers, process engineers, logisticians, architects and general engineers vouch with their names and reputation for its feasibility. Partners and consultants of the former race car driver Hunger are among others companies such as Nussli (soccer world champion ship 2006- Adidas Stadium in front of the Reichstag, Olympic Games 2006, World Culture Forum) and the engineering office Happold (Pentagon Memorial USA, Japanese Pavilion - World Fair in Germany, British Museum UK, Al Faisaliah Saudi Arabia). The partner network's synergy and an intelligent concept are responsible for shortening the development phase from the usual four years to just eight months.

Andre Hunger himself is expanding his network by additional international partners to have all the roles within "Heartbreaker" distributed by spring 2007. The artist was, in his own words, very happy about the negotiations he had with representatives from Formula 1 and Moto GP and was able to include them in the content production for the exhibit. Andre Hunger is convinced that visitors to "Heartbreaker" will be able to feel the excitement of the racetrack themselves.

The cities hosting the project will enjoy an economic payback through long-term gain and improved image due to the increase in tourism. Hunger says that the projected revenues for Berlin alone (currently excluded from the competition) were estimated at around Euro 460 million. The artist expects to see visitor numbers of more than a million per capital city.

"Anyone who experiences Heartbraker in its full dimensions will feel a new kind of strength afterwards. No visitor will be able to withdraw from the emotional impact of this project. And when he/she walks out of there, the visitor cannot help but feel the courage to start something new. The beauty of it is that this is an art project that anyone will understand and that does not just benefit a chosen few. The cities will not have to pay for it, on the contrary, they will make money from it."

Andre Hunger and "createur visionnaire"

Andre Hunger is the founder and the creative spirit behind the agency createur visionnaire for design and creativity. After long years of racing cars, Andre Hunger managed several galleries and organized different mega events. He then worked as a consultant for agencies and companies to position exclusive brands and continued to develop innovative projects in the area of branded entertainment. For his sculptures and energetic architectural projects, Hunger frequently uses programs for designing jets. He thus creates unique, comprehensive designs and projects such as the draft for a museum, a VIP resort in Manama/ Bahrain for the opening of the Formula 1 racetrack, a limited series of prototypes of the sports vehicle Supersonic and "green coast", an exclusive sculpture made of organic materials looking like a perfume flacon and stretching over 7 floors. Hunger's focus in his projects is the merger between man and machine. Simultaneously, he strives to put the individual's needs in the foreground.

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