Latin Americans are born marketers, Canadians are obsessed with their iPods, US podcasters love getting paid and South Koreans use their high-speed connections to video chat

New York/Lethbridge/Munich, April 16, 2007 - Spymac, the first international community that pays its content-providers, is used in many ways throughout the globe, and the latest trends reveal what is popular among savvy Web 2.0 users.

"We regularly check which areas members like best when planning new features", explains Holger Ehlis, Spymac�'s CEO. "We discovered that some features are far more popular with users from certain regions."

Favourite features around the world:

ˇ Latin American users are most likely to create networks with other members to promote each other�'s work and share in the winnings. Members earn 10% of all the money that friends in their network win.

Canadians use Spymac to load up their portable devices with fresh movies and music. All movies and music on Spymac are iPod ready.

ˇ American create more podcasts than any other country, and enjoy getting money for what they previously did for free.

ˇ South Koreans video chat on Spymac the most, likely due to the country�'s blazingly fast internet infrastructure.

ˇ Northern European users are our short-film champions. Although many regions provide self-produced video-content, Germany and UK users are in the lead.

About Spymac

www.spymac.com is available in 18 languages, including English, French, Spanish, Germany, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian and has offices in the USA, Canada and Germany. Launched in January, the community has over 1 million users who video-chat, share pictures, audio and video content.

For more information and contact details, visit www.spymac.com/contact/ or call +49-89-360363-40 or +1-631-549-7575 for press inquiries.