ProBioGen and Virbac signed a Licensing Agreement to use ProBioGen’s Novel Avian Cell Line AGE1 for Production of Biological Products

Berlin, Germany, 31 May 2007 - ProBioGen, Germany, announced today that Virbac has entered into a licensing agreement with ProBioGen to develop biological product candidates using ProBioGen�'s novel avian cell lines AGE1.

Under the terms of the agreement, Virbac will use the permanent cell lines based on duck retina AGE1.cr and somite cells AGE1.cs developed by ProBioGen as the production platform to develop biologicals. The financial details of the agreement are not disclosed.

"This is a breakthrough in the commercialisation of our avian cell line" said Michael Schlenk, CEO of ProBioGen. "The development of new designer cell lines under the full guidelines of the FDA is a long and challenging process. We are very proud to have developed such a cell line which not only satisfies these stringent requirements, but is also safe and cost effective for vaccine and biological production."

About ProBioGen AG

ProBioGen is a specialist for cell line design, viral vectors, and the manufacture of glycoproteins for the biopharmaceutical industry. The German biotechnology company is headquartered in Berlin. Its range of products and services include the development of highly productive cell lines, the design of novel cell lines from primary tissue, the manufacture of glycoproteins for clinical studies and R&D, as well as the production of viral vectors and antibodies for in vitro diagnostics. ProBioGen possesses the manufacturing authorization for pharmaceutically usable active substances for testing in clinical studies and meets the quality standards recommended by the EU (EMEA) and the FDA. A certified cGMP multipurpose facility is available for contract production of biopharmaceutical active substances. The Company is specialized in mammalian cells and combines the know-how of molecular biology scientists with the experience of experts in cell culture technology and process engineering. ProBioGen thus accompanies its clients from the early development of product candidates up to late clinical testing phase.

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