More than 40% growth in sales for Mapsolute

ESCHBORN, Germany, June 11/PRNewswire/ --

- Excellent sales results confirm the company�'s strategy

Mapsolute GmbH, operator of the Internet portal Map24.com, was able to increase sales in the first quarter of 2007 by more than 40%. If this trend continues, the company will have seen this type of growth for six continuous years, which is the positive proof of the excellent market position of Mapsolute as supplier of geographical software applications.

Mapsolute�'s co-founder, Alexander Wiegand (38) stated: "The basis of our success is composed of two factors, alongside with the development of permanent clients. On one hand, our consequent strategy of internationalization is showing its effects: in the past 12 months, we either opened additional offices or started strategic partnerships with successful players in the business of cartography in seven different countries. We opened the fourth subsidiary in Sao Paulo, Brazil." As a result, Mapsolute foresees a positive ROI for the brazil subsidiary already in the first year"

The second factor of success is the expansion of business into new vertical markets. MapTP, Mapsolute�'s technology, has been optimized specifically for the respective customers so that the use of MapTP becomes easier for software companies and system integrators alike. Mapsolute acquired Austria�'s second largest auto club, ARB�-, as a new client in the area of route information services.

ARB�- members can contact a call center for information about current road conditions, weather, fuel prices, travel regulations and lake temperatures. The key technology of the call center application is the geographical information platform MapTP by Mapsolute GmbH.

About Mapsolute:

Mapsolute GmbH is a leading software supplier for interactive map applications and local search, headquartered in Frankfurt/Eschborn (Germany) with offices in GB, Finland and the US. Mapsolute�'s proprietary Internet portal, www.map24.com, is accessible in 15 different countries. Licensees of Mapsolute's MapTP are, among others, Daimler-Chrysler, T-Mobile, TUI and McDonalds.

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Source: Mapsolute GmbH

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