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Call for international Berthold Leibinger Innovationspreis -

November 30, 2007 is deadline for submissions

Ditzingen - Applications and proposals are now being accepted for the 2008 international Berthold Leibinger Innovationspreis for developers and researchers who do innovative work in the field of laser light. The prize of the private foundation Berthold Leibinger Stiftung is granted for innovations pertaining to the utilization or generation of laser light in any field. The application deadline is November 30, 2007. A total of EUR 35,000 in prize money is made available to the three prize winners. Nominees for the prize will be invited by the foundation to make a presentation of their work during the jury session in April next spring.

"The capacity for innovation is the key to the future. The issues that arise around the world can be solved only by continual progress in science and technology," Professor Berthold Leibinger, the founder of Berthold Leibinger Stiftung noted, The innovation prize promotes research and development in laser technology and publishes the results of this work. Since 2000, the foundation has been awarding this grant every other year for outstanding research and development work in applied laser technology.

Innovations that have garnered the prize in the past include new sources of laser light such as the disk and fiber lasers, laser scalpels for lung cancer surgery, and a news microscopy procedure for cell research.

Further information regarding the 2008 Berthold Leibinger Innovationspreis is available at www.leibinger-stiftung.de.

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