World Innovation: Anyfix by Luigi Colani

First Ever Mobile-Phone-Charger - wireless!

Oldenburg, Germany Production has begun, reservations and pre-orders now available,

worldwide sales start November 2007.

Charity campaign! The first 15 signed Anyfix devices can be purchased

by auction at Ebay, for the benefit of the trust �"Menschen fuer Menschen".

Legendary achievements in technological history were often based on a

very plain idea that simply no one had before.

Such a revolution for every day life is presented by the new universal

charging device Anyfix by the star designer Luigi Colani.

Anyfix: One for All!

Using the Anyfix, every cellphone user will from now on be able to charge

80% of all cellular phone models worldwide anytime and anyplace, saving

time in the process: by pressing a button the appropriate charging plug is

chosen, the device functions cordless.

The presentation of the Anyfix at the Cebit 2008 ignited a worldwide storm

of enthusiasm. Within days, the Anyfix was presented and discussed on over

a million websites and forums worldwide.

Due to the enormous echo and demand, the planned production capacities

had to be expanded severely.

Today, the Anyfix Company, with a production capacity of 2 million units

per month, is primed for worldwide demand and announces sales start for


As a special service for all fans of this little marvel of charging technology,

reservations and pre-orders will be available starting October 11th at


For the impatient, the first 15 Anyfix devices worldwide - hand-signed by

Luigi Colani himself - can be purchased by auction at Ebay Germany,

starting October 11th.

Technical details, pictures of Luigi Colani and the Anyfix are available

in our download area and media service on the website:



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