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Krefeld, Washington D.C.�-POPAI, the Global Association for Marketing at-Retail, is conducting an in-depth, independent survey of the global digital signage market at POP / POI (Point of Purchase / Point of Interest), seen among the global media industry as the next multi-billion Dollar blockbuster medium of the future. The research is being carried out by one of the leading market research institutes in Europe, using a thorough four-stage process to collect data from over 1000 insiders and experts from all continents. Extensive background information and details on how to pre-order a copy of the report (500++ pages, professional cloth binding), due to be published around the year�'s end, are now available at the multi-language site www.PopaiDS.org. Education and POPAI-member versions are available. There is a 10 per cent early-order rebate for all orders made and paid for by Dec 31 2007.

This digital signage survey differs in four ways from the myriad of other research reports:

(1) Global survey with an integrated method and approach

(2) Qualitative research of all stakeholder groups around digital media

(3) Vendor and lobby-independent

(4) Resulting in a 500++ page reference book about Digital Signage

Participants in the online survey and personal in-depth interviews are representatives from industry, retailers, market, media and providers. Topics covered include the local, regional and global market situation as well as their market perspective, perceptions and potential, stakeholders�' options, current programs, concepts, media sales, project-management & research, content, technology and business models.

Research is still ongoing; the cut off date for recording your views is short to be due. If you wish to see the methodology of the research questions, log on to the multi-language site: www.GlobalDigitalSignageResearch.org. Here you can take the opportunity to participate in the first truly global and independent digital signage research program.

Fabian Keller, Vice President Digital Signage, POPAI, comments, "This is the first time we all will get a real understanding of the uprising global digital media industry. I believe that digital media is on the cusp of something amazing and we are keen to stay at the cutting edge. This research will provide insights into the market that have never been seen before and the report will be an essential tool for anyone planning/observing/operating Digital Signage. The first result presentations we conducted in New York, Sydney, Moscow and Zurich have led to amazing feedbacks. Without the deep understanding of consumers, brands and the global retail market that Dr. Stephan Telschow and his team provided, we would never have been able to get where we are right now."

Participate now at www.GlobalDigitalSignageResearch.org

Pre-order a copy of the final report at www.PopaiDS.org

For more information, or to speak to Fabian Keller or Dr. Stephan Telschow, please contact Nicolas Loose, GIM, Tel: +49(6221)8328-511, n.loose@g-i-m.com.

About POPAI, the Global Association for Marketing at-Retail

POPAI is the only non-profit association serving the global marketing at-retail industry. POPAI was founded in 1936 and has offices in over 19 countries. For additional information about POPAI and the research, please contact: Fabian Keller, Vice President Digital Signage, fabiankeller@popai.de or visit www.popai.com.

About GIM, the Gesellschaft fuer Innovative Marktforschung mbH

GIM - Gesellschaft für Innovative Marktforschung - counts among the leading independent market research institutes with a qualitative focus on Germany. GIM�'s network is global spanning with coverage in all continents. For GIM, understanding consumers takes center stage. For more information on GIM and GIM POS, please contact: Dr. Stephan Telschow, s.telschow@g-i-m.com or visit www.g-i-m.com.