One of a kind in Germany: DC Aviation expands business jet fleet by four Airbus 319 CJ.

Press Release, Stuttgart, 20.05.2008

As Germany's major provider of private jets, DC Aviation will in future be operating four Airbus Corporate Jets from the aircraft manufacturer Airbus Industrie. With its fleet of 28 jets, the branch's major player, which originated from what used to be DaimlerChrysler Aviation and Cirrus Aviation, will thus become the largest operator of this type of aircraft in the German business aviation market.

"Our many years of transatlantic operational experience with the A 319 CJ and the great demand for this type of aircraft, is the key reason for our further expansion in this Market. Our goal is to become the largest premium operator of private jets in Europe. With the purchase of the first Airbus 319 CJ, We are giving the green light for further corporate jets on this scale", announced Dieter Heinen, CEO.

The company's first own Airbus 319 CJ was previously in operation for the Daimler corporation and with immediate effect will be offered exclusively by DC Aviation for the executive charter market. Apart from comfortable business seating for 48 passengers and generous seat pitch of 152 cm, the jet excels especially when it comes to long haul flights with its maximum cruising range of up to 8000 km/4320 nm. Four additional tanks make it possible for the Execuliner to fly nonstop in 9½ hours, for instance from London to Chicago or from Munich to Bangalore.

Three more Airbus of type 319 CJ fitted exclusively to take up to 22 VIPs will be added to the fleet over the next twelve months and will most likely be operated in Europe and the Middle East.

The expansion of the fleet is however not restricted to the Airbus 319 CJ alone: "We are building up our capacities from the Learjet to the Airbus. In 2008 alone we expect a total of twelve new additions of the type Gulfstream G550, G450, G150, Challenger 850, Legacy 600, Citation XLS and Learjet 40", to quote managing director Stefan Buschle. "With our extremely young modern fleet, structure and our unique concept for service and safety, we are winning new partners all over the world."

Company Information:

DC Aviation, with headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, is rated among the leading operators of business jets in Europe. Formed by the merger of Cirrus Aviation and the former DaimlerChrysler Aviation, in 2008 the company is concentrating on aircraft management, charter operation and maintenance of business jets. As a member of the renowned Cirrus Group, with its shareholders Dr Lutz Helmig and Gerd Brandecker, DC Aviation employs over 380 staff and operates 1 Airbus 319 CJ, 2 Gulfstream 550, 2 Global Express, 1 Global 5000, 1 Falcon 900 DX, 2 Challenger 604, 5 Legacy 600, 1 Challenger 300, 1 Gulfstream 150, 1 Citation X, 5 Citation XLS, 2 Learjet 60, 4 Learjet 40. The Managing Directors are Dieter Heinen (Chairman), Marc Ambrosius (CFO) and Stefan Buschle (CCO).


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