The Official Sponsor and Exclusive Tyre Partner Advocates Safety: Continental Equips UEFA EURO 2008(TM) Team Buses and Their Own Shuttles With Premium Tyres That Have Been Proven Safe

HANNOVER, Germany, June 9 -- The Continental AG is an UEFA EURO 2008(TM) official sponsor and exclusive tyre partner, and equips all 16 team buses with their premium bus tyres, the HSR 1, on all axles; as they had done during the FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany. The HSR 1 was designed specifically for use in regional and charter traffic, and features excellent handling, low road resistance, high operational performance, as well as low-vibration rolling characteristics and good driving comfort. Since traditionally the teams are frequently on the road with the team bus during the course of a tournament, tyres' safety margins play a significant role. "Continental hereby makes an important contribution to the safety of the best European soccer players, since the tyres are the only point of contact with the road and the footprint is the size of a postcard," according to spokesman Alexander Lührs.

In addition, almost the entire Continental summer tyre line is used on more than 60 official UEFA vehicles. Those include the automobile tyres ContiEcoContact 3, ContiPremiumContact 2, ContiSportContact 2 and ContiSportContact 3, as well as the ContiCrossContact UHP and the Conti4x4Contact for SUVs as well as the VancoContact 2 for vans. Additionally, all Continental bus shuttles are being equipped with the special edition bus tyre HSL 1, which was already issued during the FIFA World Cup 2006, with stylized soccer balls and a Continental color logo on the side panel. These buses are being fashioned with the Continental design on a large scale. "We would also like to use the UEFA EURO 2008 to demonstrate the features of our products during operation," according to Mr. Lührs. Continental wishes all players, teams, volunteers and fans a safe and comfortable departure and arrival.

The Continental AG tyre division is an official sponsor of the UEFA EURO 2008(TM) in Austria and Switzerland, as well as an official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup 2010(TM) in South Africa.

For further information please see http://www.ContiSoccerWorld.de.

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