For the first time conjoint

Clerical Relief Organisations "Hope for Eastern Europe" and "Renovabis" put Journalism Award out for tender

STUTTGART/FREISING. For the first time conjoint, the solidarity initiatives "Hope for Eastern Europe" (Hoffnung fuer Osteuropa - HfO) and "Renovabis" confer the "Eastern European Journalism Award". Therewith, the Eastern Europe relief organisations of the two large Christian churches honour journalistic contributions that deal with the social situation and living conditions of the people in Middle and Eastern Europe. So far, the award had been assigned solely by HfO.

The tender is addressed to jounalists who were born in a Middle, Eastern or Southeastern European country and who live there. The winner obtains a prize money in the amount of € 2.000. In addition to that, two advancement awards of each € 1.000 will be assigned. An independent jury of media experts will decide on the awarding of prizes. The award will be presented Saturday, November 8th, 2008, within a convivial event in Munich.

As HfO-Directress parson Cornelia Füllkrug-Weitzel stated Tuesday (July 1st) in Stuttgart, "democracies do not only subsist on elections, but also on an alert and critical media and a committed civil society". For both of this, an adequate impulse and support would be important for the countries in Middle and Eastern Europe. "Thereto, we would like to contribute with our journalism award." Füllkrug-Weitzel points out that the submitted articles are a testimonial for brave people and for those involved with common welfare. "What a benefit, considering the numerous negative headlines about Eastern Europe."

Renovabis-CEO Father Dietger Demuth rates the conjoint awarding of the Journalism Award as a "wonderful sign of ecumenical cooperation". Demuth stated in Freising that "we were glad to seize on the suggestion of our affiliated protestant organisation for this cooperation". Therewith, the long-standing and good relations between Renovabis and HfO would be further deepened. Looking at the inflationary multiplication of media awards in Germany, it would only be reasonable not to invent a new contest, but to take part in an existing award on a partnership basis.

Further information:

tel. +49/8161/5309-14 or -39 (Jürgen-August Schreiber, Renovabis, dept. for communication and cooperation, jas@renovabis.de; www.renovabis.de);

tel. +49/711/2159 147 (Rainer Lang, HfO, dept. for public relations and advertising; www.hoffnung-fuer-osteuropa.de)