America.com is Officially Live; Are you ready Obama, McCain? - Which political party will be the first to ignite America.com?

Nyon, Switzerland (ots) - America.com is LIVE, and currently seeking the direct attention of every American in the land, including John McCain and Barack Obama.

Internet Media Consultants, SA, led by Mr. Paolo Belcastro, has announced today the officially launch of America.com! "We are honored to be in a position with America.com, to help the American public make their final decisions during this amazing election", says Belcastro. For the past several weeks Belcastro's team has been strategically preparing for the official launch of America.com, and thus far, has received a great amount of feedback.

So what is America.com? America.com aims to be the "Must See" community around the world for political junkies, media and press, and all the way down to first-time voters. "Our short term goal for America.com is to directly assist all American voters with a unbiased and updated, informational political platform and Blog for the 2008 Presidential Election.", says Belcastro.

The History: Internet Media Consultants SA was hired by the domain name owner as a broker to organize the sale of the domain name America.com without any content. Recently however, after several months of networking, planning and research, IMC, SA reported they reached an official agreement with the owner to purchase 20% of the domain name for $750,000 USD. Upon the final agreements, both parties concluded that developing the domain name was in everyone's best interest.

A member of IMC said, "Although we receive inquiries weekly on selling the domain name, we're now focused completely on long-term development."


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