Mobile Web Starting Point MJOY Offers Free SMS Text Messaging From Any Phone to Any Network

Cologne - Mobile web portal mjoy.com is offering a groundbreaking new service: From now on, any mobile phone user can send free messages to any phone in the world, unlimited, to all countries and completely free of charge. Mjoy is a service for people who want to stop wasting money on communications, mobile services and content.

Functional on all common handsets available today, Mjoy doesn't require the installation of applications or advanced technological knowledge. Users simply access www.mjoy.com, and they're all set. Sending and receiving messages is intuitive and without cost. A revolutionary tool for communications, Mjoy is a free messaging service built on solid ground.

But free messaging is only the beginning: Mjoy will give the mobile web a major boost. Mjoy is the place to go if users want communication, social networking, shopping, widgets, news, as well as fun videos, pictures and sounds. Already, they find fun free content for their entertainment at mjoy.com.

Users registering at www.mjoy.com can send and receive free SMS text messages at all times. If they're not yet registered, addressees will receive regular SMS messages. If the persons receiving the message already have an account with Mjoy, they get a direct link to their Mjoy inbox. This inbox allows a new way of convenient, user-friendly administration of short message communications, sorted by individual conversations with contacts.

Free of charge for users, the service is financed by advertising banners within the Mjoy portal, accompanying the other services. Ads are placed so that they don't disturb user experience. Users can be assured that they will not receive commercial text messages on their phones. Mjoy has bound itself to strict privacy regulations.

Currently run in beta mode, Mjoy invites users to try the portal with the free messaging tool and to send in their remarks and ideas. Mjoy is aiming to become the mobile web portal best suited to user demands.

Just like its operating company, Cologne-based Venista, Mjoy guarantees useful, versatile and entertaining web services developed specifically for the whole diversity of mobile phone devices. User experience is adapted to mobile lifestyle. Mjoy's foremost mission: to concentrate the internet's benefit and fun on the mobile phone.

Press contact:

Oliver Wimmeroth

Geschäftsführer Marketing

Venista Holding GmbH