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"Residence Post" in Munich - Worldwide unique property

Munich, Feb. 2009 - The real estate crisis now even separates the chaff from wheat when it comes to commercial property objects: Only top level real estate guarantees value stability and return on investment. A prime example for this is the historical "Residence Post" - situated in the heart of Munich, in one of the most sought after city center locations in Europe. According to a recent worldwide survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Urban Land Institute, Munich is the most attractive City for real estate investors in Europe.

"What the last Expo Real already foreshadowed, will be one of the most discussed issues on the coming MIPIM as well: everybody is in search of the rare and extraordinary properties that offer a combination of value retention and yield", argues Hans Schlamp, managing shareholder of Accumulata Immobilien Development GmbH. "This is also a prove point for the amazingly high demand for the residence post building, which offers an outstanding investment possibility for chary investors who are calculating very conservatively."

This spring the preparing construction work begins. The investment volume amounts to 350 million euros. The owners Accumulata and LBBW Immobilien are holding talks with potential investors over the projected building with its mix of offices, dwellings, gastronomy and retail trade. The listed face of the building as a counterpart to the Munich Royal Residence will be conserved and the historical charm of the interior will be newly interpreted by redesign.


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