A way out of the crisis

The Society for Global Change 2009 presents a finance and economic rescue plan

Augustusburg, Germany, 01 April 2009 "The ever increasing threat of the global economic and financial crisis could be ended tomorrow," argues Jörg Buschbeck, businessman and president of the Society for Global Change 2009. "In 2009 the world financial system is on the brink of collapse, threatening to take down the global value-added chain with it. A total meltdown could lead to world civil war! We hereby submit a comprehensive rescue."

The Society for Global Change 2009 is presenting its solutions in a film of the same name. The film premiere is happening on the G20 summit in London and will also be available on the Internet under www.global-change-2009.com. The film shows how the crisis of the century can be transformed into the chance of the century.

The film premiere:

02 April at 12 noon in

Custom House Hotel, 272-283 Victoria Dock Road, London E16 3BY,
HMS Belfast room.

"Our current economic and social system is not just financially, but also morally bankrupt - exactly like the system in East Germany in 1989," says Jörg Buschbeck. "Unlike the collapse of the Eastern bloc in 1989, however, there is currently no backup system on hand." Through intensive research, the Society has managed to develop an alternative. The answer: a free market economy without monopolies. The current monopolies must be broken up by the democratically controlled state's monopoly on the use of force!

The vision of the Society: "In this way we will attain a crisis-free free market economy in peace and freedom, with much more economic and social prosperity, as well as a concept for the preservation of our planet."


Society for Global Change 2009

Jörg Buschbeck, President

E-Mail: jb@global-change-2009.de

Web: www.global-change-2009.com