Starting Gun - GSE links up the worldwide sports elite

KASSEL, Germany, May 20/PRNewswire/ -- The top athletes of all continents meet

at www.global-sports-elite.com

It's done. Hiding behind pseudonyms - in public communities - is over. Starting immediately, GSE is linking up the most successful current and former top athletes worldwide exclusively

at an Internet site of their own. Only the elite athletes in the best-loved sports of every continent are admitted.

There are demanding admission criteria for all sports (www.global-sports-elite.com). And the security and data-protection arrangements are correspondingly high. The message of GSE proclaims

"Stay in touch with the best". In order to ensure this, GSE is launching worldwide from the start, and simultaneously in four languages. More languages will follow.

GSE can be understood fundamentally as a mobile base/support point. No matter what the game, competition, change of club, end of season, national team, Olympiad, or end of career. "The top athlete is always above time and place. This makes it possible for him to cultivate his friendships easily in the top sports, and to find new friends," says Nico Gundlach (chief executive officer).

And getting in contact with team colleagues - before a change of club or an appointment to the national team - is only a mouse click away. Equally easy whether by a simple message, a free SMS, a chat, or a Skype telephone call. Forming closed groups, designing your own surveys, photo galleries, etc. is also interesting for entire teams, leagues, or organisations. And anyone who is curious can see which top international athlete has looked at his or her profile, who the newest GSE members are, etc.

Fans also profit from GSE. Every individual needs his or her own space in order to be able to call up their top performances. GSE offers them the opportunity to be quick off the mark - because GSE makes a private platform available to the global sports elite.

Contact information:

Herren Nico Gundlach / Sascha Gundlach

neue formen Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH

Humboldtstrasse 4

34117 Kassel


Telephone: +49-561-70165-0

Fax: +49-561-70165-11

E-Mail: contact@global-sports-elite.com


GSE - Global Sports Elite

Contact information:

Herren Nico Gundlach / Sascha Gundlach,

neue formen Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH,

Humboldtstrasse 4,

34117 Kassel,


Telephone: +49-561-70165-0,

Fax: +49-561-70165-11,

E-Mail: contact@global-sports-elite.com