Saxony-Anhalt: Perfect scores for the investment climate

An international investor conference took place in Saxony-Anhalt's State Government Buildings in Berlin. Prime Minister, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Böhmer and the Minister for Economic Affairs, Dr. Reiner Haseloff, were able to welcome more than 220 guests.

The objective of the conference was the promotion of the commercial location of Saxony-Anhalt.

Prime Minister Böhmer informed visitors that Saxony-Anhalt remains to be the State with the most foreign direct investments in East Germany. International investors have invested more than nine billion Euros in 300 funded projects since 1991 and have therefore created or secured more than 36,000 jobs.

Minister Haseloff pointed out the extremely good investment conditions in Saxony-Anhalt. "Renowned national and international companies appreciate the outstanding infrastructure, the innovative research landscape and the effective transfer of technology along with the large potential for qualified employees and the attractive funding."

Numerous companies are committed to the investment location of Saxony-Anhalt, such as the Swiss LOUIS DREYFUS COMMODITIES GROUP, which announced the purchase of the GATE GLOBAL ALTERNATIVE ENERGY AG including the oil mill and bio-diesel plant in Lutherstadt Wittenberg. "Choosing Germany for our investment is strategically important and we are pleased to be able to make this significant investment in Saxony-Anhalt", said Jean-Marc Foucher, Chief Operating Office for Europe and Black Sea Region.

Jacques Scheuten, Chairman of Scheuten S.a.r.l., Venlo, the Netherlands justified the decision for building the group's most recent glass factory in Osterweddingen: "Industry and the expertise in the glass and solar sectors come together in the State of Saxony-Anhalt. We are investing here in Saxony-Anhalt because we are convinced that the future lies in new glass products for solar applications."

Press Officer Investment and Marketing Corporation Saxony-Anhalt
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