Telefonica chooses 3com wireless gateway for home and business ADSL service

Madrid, 29 October, 2001 - Telefonica de España has selected 3Com Home Wireless Gateway to provide its thousands of customers with high-speed, wireless Internet access. The 3Com Home Wireless Gateway offers rich connectivity and radical simplicity for Telefonica’s ADSL customers.

3Com’s family of high-speed wireless LAN solutions includes wireless access points and network interface cards for laptops and desktop equipment, allowing both home users and business users the freedom to connect to the Internet or their network without being tied to their normal desk workstations. This can be a great benefit to users who can remain connected in different rooms throughout their home or office, and is particularly useful for users wanting Internet access in places where laying cable is impractical or expensive.

The Home Wireless Gateway works on the 802.11b wireless standard and is certified by the Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) organisation. Features and benefits include:

- Fast and continuous connection of up to 35 simultaneous devices in a single network with a 91-meter radius
- "Always On" secure connection (with an integrated, business-level firewall) to the Internet from all network devices using only one ADSL connection
- High-speed transfer of files among PCs
- Videoconferencing with other PCs
- Remote use of peripheral devices (printers, scanners, etc) from the local network

"3Com makes high-speed Internet access solutions that are radically simple to install, use and maintain, with the highest levels of performance," said Alberto Soto, general manager of 3Com Iberia. "Telefonica de España chose the 3Com Home Wireless Gateway because it fulfills the functionality and simplicity requirements that its customers demand. When combined with Telefonica’s ADSL technology, customers will have "always on", high-speed wireless Internet access."

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