Johnson Controls presents advanced battery technology for electric driving

Innovative energy concept delivers power and more interior space

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Hanover, Germany - 18 September 2009. Johnson Controls, one of the world's leading suppliers of automotive interior systems, electronics and batteries, is presenting its re3 concept car at the 2009 IAA (Frankfurt Motor Show) in Frankfurt and demonstrating how electric driving saves fuel, without compromising space. The novel packaging of the lithium-ion battery system of one of the world market leaders of starter batteries allows room for five people in this concept car, as well as generous storage space in the trunk.

With its re3 concept car, Johnson Controls is showcasing its innovative battery technology and novel packaging idea for storing energy. 96 lithium-ion cells are uniquely packaged between the front seats in the tunnel console of the vehicle. With more than 7 kWh, the storage module provides sufficient energy to easily transport commuters to and from work or allow families to take an extended shopping trip - without using a single drop of gasoline.

Active cooling of the cells ensures optimal operating conditions. The cross-system energy management of the re3 ensures even charging and discharging of the lithium-ion accumulators (cell balancing), a key requisite for maximum energy efficiency and the long-term reliability of the storage cells.

Trendsetting packaging concept

Electro-mobility is on the agenda of many nations. Lithium-ion batteries are at the heart of these vehicles and thus of elementary importance for electro-mobility acceptance.

However, the huge energy stores often prove to be tricky for many electric and hybrid vehicles. The feasible energy density, in other words, the ratio of size to capability of an accumulator, forces car designers into making compromises - often at the expense of storage space. The trunk is therefore often used for purposes other than intended or the entire rear seat bench must give way to battery technology.

The designers at Johnson Controls managed to optimally place the energy store in the tunnel console of the re3, making the concept car a true space-saving sensation. The attractive interior design allows ample room for five adults; three of which can sit comfortably in the rear of the vehicle. In addition, the re3 also offers adequate trunk space. But not only is the space of the re3 impressive. The placement of the battery also has a positive impact on driving characteristics. The driver benefits from a low center of gravity, facilitated by installation of the storage modules in the center of the vehicle, which enhances ride and handling characteristics.

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