21 degrees SA launches its iPhone application with weather GPS that locates your telephone and provides you with the weather data where you are at the time up to 15 days.

21 degrees SA, www.21degrees.com, today launches at the Apple Store its application of meteorological geo-location for the entire world - and with total simplicity. Geo-located weather comes to the iPhone through the Geneva company 21 degrees. The company says it has integrated the best of weather data and location information. There is no need to enter the names of cities or villages, because the application automatically detects your latitude and longitude up to seven digits after the decimal point.

There is a remarkable precision that enables the application to stream and send alerts to where the person is located. There are now no more parameters, no more settings and no more options to configure. What is important is to be alerted and aware of the weather regardless of movements and travel - it's the weather in the bag.

Information on the weather is now localized for 15 days, truly a first. In addition, there is information on developments and tendencies in the weather on an hour-by-hour and day-by-day basis. The goal is not to know the exact weather in 14 days, but to have a clear vision of thermal ranges that we understand between -10° C and 10° C, so as to anticipate the metrological disruptions that are becoming more and more frequent.

Now, no more surprises when traveling. 21 degrees SA, the company advising on Weather Risk Management, offers enterprises the chance to be aware of weather risks and to forecast alerts in both the real world and on the web.

Our professional services are dedicated to companies and offer the chance to anticipate developments in the weather in the short term, for 15 days and the long term.

The 21 degrees App Store application offers individuals the opportunity to obtain geo-localized forecasts for 15 days on their iPhone.

A picture can be downloaded free of charge under: http://www.presseportal.ch/fr/pm/100018669/?langid=2

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