5 point products by Dr Mauch are being illegally copied - holder of rights declares war on falsifiers worldwide

Kenilworth/Düsseldorf - Based on old Chinese reflex zone therapies, the German physician and medic Dr Walter Mauch more than 20 years ago developped the "5 point reflex zone bed". This was the beginning of an unequalled success story. Today, the shoes "by Dr Mauch" are available in more in 100 countries, either as soles or as base of a shoe - with increasing demand.

At the occasion of an international shoe trade fair, soles and shoes have been promoted as "5 Zones - original reflex zone bed - international patent. These produkt named "New Generation" are being marketed as legitimate successors of the products by Dr Mauch. In fact, we are talking about copies which have nothing to do with the doctrines of Dr Mauch. German court orders are being ignored. These clone products arrive from China, Romania and Italy, flooding the European market. In Italy and France, the police is investigating. One of the reasons for that might be that hazards for health cannot be excluded.

The patents, brands and the know-how of Dr Walter Mauch are being protected worldwide. All rights are directly or indirectly in possession of the Mauch family and their companies. These are incorporated in the limited company Integra l Mauch PLC and marketed worldwide. The allocation of licenses and production rights is linked with quality standards and security guidelines.

In order to assure the products by Dr Mauch, new quality and security standards have been defined. These are valid since November 1st, 2009. It is our aim to unmask falsifiers. The moulding blanks of the soles which later on are being mantled with leather or other materials are being produced according to clearly defined German standards. Shoes and soles may only be produced and marketed with the according licenses. Any misuse of brand is being pursued nationally and internationally.


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