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studdex.com launches new online service for students globally. For the first time, applying online to the right higher education programs has never been easier.

Online application service, studdex.com, today announces the launch of its web service for students going abroad. The new website gives students the chance to manage their applications to universities through one website, meaning students can manage all applications in one place. With 22.000 programs and 1700 partners and universities featured on their website it is the quickest, cheapest and fastest way to apply.

3.000.000 students going abroad each year are increasingly looking for the perfect solution in their search for universities globally. studdex.com replaces the need for applications to each single university. Simply log on, search for the perfect field of study, city or country, upload application files and receive a guaranteed answer from universities within 15 days.

Services are free of charge for students and allow access from anywhere providing the most advanced security standards by Oracle. Students can rate universities, campus life, share experience with other students, upload pictures and get valuable information from visa requirements to meeting deadlines for applications via customized newsletter services from studdex.com.

Felix Schulte, one of the founders comments: "The growing demands and the internationalization of the education market and the success of studdex.com so far means we are perfectly placed to launch a product for helping students and universities connect through us. We pick up the students where they are being let down by the huge bureaucratic obstacles put in their way by the amount of information on the internet, by universities and public institutions."

studdex.com is an online platform facilitating search, application and networking in regard to higher education, studying abroad and learning a language. studdex.com rapidly grows with additional 500 programs a day and was founded in 2008 by Lukas Wrede and Felix Schulte and runs an office in Berlin, Germany. More information at www.studdex.com

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