Stop proofreading - start bunnying!

Schlafender Hase releases new version of the Text Verification Tool (TVT)

Frankfurt, February 9, 2011

Schlafender Hase ("sleeping hare") GmbH is not just changing the way the pharmaceutical industry does proofreading. It is changing the word for proofreading. "Have you 'bunnied' your text? That's the way one of our top US customers asks if the proofreading process has been done," said Willie Schnaubelt, managing director of Schlafender Hase. "TVT 5.5, the newest version of our Text Verification Tool, will make 'bunnying' even easier."

Schlafender Hase has released an updated version of its unique patent-protected computer-driven proofreading software, the Text Verification Tool (TVT). Aimed at further enhancing user-friendliness, TVT 5.5 has both improved previous features and added new features. It has also kept apace with the changes in the regulatory environment, especially in EMA; the newest version of TVT supports the newest version of PIM files, DES 2.8.

The improved Exclude List Support will be particularly valuable for all who use templates, especially QRD (Quality Review Document) templates, to create their original manuscripts. Already available for more than two years as the first truly client server-based text comparator system, TVT 5.5 also offers improved server-based functionality.

Introduced in 2003, TVT is now regarded as the industry standard. Today it is used by virtually all of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies. Most effective in highly regulated environments like the global pharmaceutical industry, the TVT can be used in any proofreading situation where the printed document must be identical with the originally approved manuscript. Regardless of file size, TVT supports virtually all file types in all major languages and is capable of comparing multiple files in different file types and languages simultaneously. Schlafender Hase is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany.

Press contact: Willie Schnaubelt

eMail: willie.schnaubelt@sh-p.de

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