Winter Games in Sochi on Ceramics made in Lohmar

Several practical tests passed with brilliant results

It has not yet been confirmed who are the world elite ski jumpers who will be participating in the XXII. Winter Games which will be held in Sochi (Russia) from February 7 - 23, 2014. What is actually confirmed however is that the ski top athletes will be again competing for medals, gliding on the most modern and innovative track system worldwide. The system ALOSLIDE®ICE enables ski jumpers to jump always under identical conditions. What sounds so simple is in fact a system which was developed and perfected by its inventors at CeramTec-ETEC in Lohmar near Cologne. Based on scientific research, the ceramic nubs are arranged in a tested order and vulcanized into a special rubber material. The integrated cooling system as well as the ice tiller ensure optimal and always constant gliding conditions for jumpers. This applies both for summer and for winter operation. It goes without saying that the complete system is FIS certified.

Once again, CeramTec-ETEC staff members have achieved extraordinary results in Sochi, together with their contractual partners. Within less than three weeks, they installed the highly complex ALOSLIDE®ICE on the steel substructure of the K 125 jump, and this under extreme climatic conditions such as a temperature of - 13° C and lots of fresh fallen snow. Clear evidence of the company's flexibility and professionalism and also of its technicians and craftsmen is given by the fact that, for example, the water needed for the refrigerating system (about 2200 litres) had to be transported "manually" from the valley station.

Events of near Olympic standing have almost become a tradition for the ALOSLIDE® System. Already in the past it has ensured weather-independent and optimal competitions during the Olympic Games which took place in Torino in 2006, or during the Asian Winter Games 2011 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The ALOSLIDE® System has also performed with excellent results at the facilities of the International Four Hills Tournament in Bischofshofen, the venue of the FIS Summer Grandprix, or the FIS Team-Cup in Klingenthal, as well as at the jumping hill of the Junior Cup/German Cup in Oberstdorf (March 9 - 11, 2012), and was highly praised by the ski jumpers.

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