Title: Series production of innovative rehabilitation device started in Switzerland

Utl:.REHA Technology AG Switzerland manufactures only walking robot in the world capable of simulating climbing stairs

Olten, 14 junE 2012,

The only neuro-rehabilitation device in the world capable of simulating climbing stairs in addition to all other types of walking is now manufactured in series production by REHA Technology AG in Olten, Switzerland, under the name "G-EO-System". The CE- and FDA-certified device has been sold globally since spring this year.

The device is intended to assist patients affected by stroke, craniocerebral injury, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, or paraplegia, in a novel and highly effective way to re-learn his/her own motor function. The product adapts in a completely dynamic and continuously variable way to the patient's needs and reduces the physical strain on the therapist.

The first few devices have already been used successfully in some rehabilitation centres. Prof Esquenazi, M.D., head of one of the most prominent rehabilitation centres in the United States - the "MossRehab in Philadelphia - found in his study a significantly faster full recovery in patients using the "G-EO-System". Further studies from Italy and Germany also support the efficacy for the patient, the cost saving for the health insurances, and the physical relief for the therapists.

The neuro-rehabilitation device "G-EO-System" was developed by an international team of medical doctors, engineers, therapists, technicians, and software specialists over a period of five years. These professionals recognized early on that stroke patients and certain trauma patients require more support than the traditional treadmills and that electronically controlled devices help them to utilise a significantly greater potential for a speedy recovery.

The demand for technological electronic devices to support recovery-centred therapy has increase exponentially since 2000. Product sales have already started in industrialised countries. The awareness of these devices continues to increase day by day. REHA Technology AG has secured the patent rights for the "G-EO-System" and is already taking steps to extend its distributor network.


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