A Contribution to European Integration Henkel Arts Prize for Central and Eastern Europe

Vienna, June 2002 �- Henkel Central Eastern Europe has established two awards for artists in Central and Eastern Europe. The Henkel Arts Prize for contemporary drawing, an annual award of 5000 Euro, is designed to improve understanding of the Central and Eastern European geographical region and cultural area, as well as make a contribution to the process of European integration. Henkel has also created the “Young Artists Prize”, an annual award worth 3000 Euro, in order to promote young aspiring artists participating in the “Artists in Residence” programme of KulturKontakt Austria.

The main purpose of the Henkel Arts Prize for contemporary drawing, initiated by Henkel Central Eastern Europe, is to raise awareness of Central and Eastern Europe as a culturally significant area.

Henkel CEE has successfully persuaded KulturKontakt Austria to serve as a partner in this project. KulturKontakt Austria has been managing arts projects in Central and Eastern Europe for the last ten years. Each year, it invites applicants from Eastern European countries to take part in its "Artists in Residence" programme.

Interface for Central and Eastern Europe

Henkel CEE based in Vienna has established itself within the worldwide Henkel Group as the regional headquarters for Central and Eastern Europe. Henkel's success story in Central and Eastern Europe began in 1984 with the company's first pilot export project from Austria to the east. Since the founding of its first subsidiary in Hungary in 1987, Henkel has set up 50 other companies in the CEE region. The company has invested more than 174 million Euro to date in order to expand its business operations in these emerging markets.

Today, Henkel CEE serves as the parent company coordinating the activities of 12 holding companies and 14 production locations,, and is responsible for the markets in 15 countries with a total of 185 million inhabitants. In addition to Austria, these are: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Yugoslavia. Henkel CEE employs a total of 4543 people, who generated revenues of 746 million Euro in 2001. Mental Affinity, Geographical Proximity

“In addition to an expert knowledge of the region, our mental affinity and geographical proximity have been key factors contributing to our success,” says Mr. Friedrich Stara, President of Henkel Central Eastern Europe, which will use these competitive advantages to initiate the Henkel Arts Prize for contemporary drawing for the Central and Eastern European cultural region.

Together with KulturKontakt Austria, Henkel CEE is inviting artists from Central and Eastern Europe to apply for the arts prize and the "Artists-in Residence“ programme. Exhibition and Award

The winner of the prize will be selected by an international jury. The award will consist of a monetary prize of 5000 Euro and an art exhibition of this person's works, both in Vienna and in his or her home country. Within the framework of the "Artists in Residence" programme of KulturKontakt Austria, Henkel has also established a prize for young artists. The winner will be awarded a three-month scholarship from KulturKontakt to stay in Vienna along with a cash grant of 3000 Euro donated by Henkel.

Interested artists can request more detailed information about the Henkel Arts Prize as well as the Young Artists Prize from KulturKontakt Austria, (kultur@kulturkontakt.or.at, Tel: + 43/1/523 87 65 ext. 11).

Henkel CEE headquartered in Vienna is one of the most successful companies for brand name products in Central and Eastern Europe. Henkel CEE is market leader for hair care products, adhesives and surface technologies and has a top position in the market for detergents and cleansers as well as for cosmetics. In the year 2001, Henkel CEE posted revenues of 746 million Euro, with a work force of 4,453 people.