13th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Poland: Official agenda announced!

"Stand in solidarity for peace - time to act" is the official motto of the 13th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates which is to take place in Warsaw on 21-23 October 2013. For the first time in its history the event will be held in Central Europe. Warsaw will host several Nobel Peace Prize Laureates as well as six thousand other guests from around the world.

The message of "Solidarity", a driving force behind the peaceful change in Poland and Europe, will become the point of reference for a debate on global development, aptly described in the Summit's motto "Stand in Solidarity for Peace - Time to Act". On the first day of the Summit the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates will participate in two plenary sessions: "Stand in Solidarity for Peace and Security" and "A System of Social Values in the Time of Crisis". Two following debates are planned for the second day of the Summit: "Unheard Voices. Inequalities in Social Justice" and "Human Rights: Old and New Threats". On 23rd of October Peace Prize winners will talk about problems connected with peace and reconciliation on following sessions: "Solidarity and Reconciliation: No More Wars" and "Solidarity of the Youth - Stand up for Peace". On this day there will also take place the prize-giving ceremony of the Peace Summit Award 2013.

Among guests who confirmed their presence there is: the 14th Dalai Lama, Frederik Willem de Klerk, Betty Williams, Shirin Ebadi, Mohammad Junus, Mikhail Gorbachev and Lech Wałęsa.

Register via Summits website: http://www.nobelforpeace-summits.org. All participants may attend the Summit free of charge. The media may register online at the Summits website.

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Source: Lech Walesa Institute Foundation