Jedox launches global tour of its trailblazing BI software

Freiburg, Germany - May 2014. Jedox is taking its award-winning business intelligence (BI) and performance management (PM) solution on a global tour. The 2014 Jedox Roadshow will demonstrate the trailblazing BI and PM software using real-world applications. Starting in May, it will visit cities including Paris, London, Washington, Mexico City, Singapore and Tokyo.

The 2014 Jedox Business-Driven Intelligence Roadshow will focus on showcasing the company's BI and PM software using real-world examples, with an emphasis on centralized data acquisition, analysis and integrated corporate planning and performance indicators. It will also provide a detailed insight into the new Jedox 5.1 software.

"Our roadshow will focus on value to the end-user. We want to skip PowerPoint presentations and, instead, show real-world solutions. At each event, a local client will share their Jedox experience," explains Jedox COO, Bernd Eisenblätter.

Roadshow attendees will have the opportunity to take an in-depth look at Jedox 5.1. The latest version of Jedox's award-winning BI solution boasts more than 50 new features, including innovative data-driven modeling functionality. Data-driven modeling allows users to generate powerful, analysis-based BI and PM reports directly from inventory data at the click of a button. Whether using a web application, a mobile device or a user interface integrated with Microsoft Excel, providing easy access to data is a unique feature of the Jedox solution, and the new data-driven modeling technology further simplifies the process.

Roadshow attendees will also be able to see first-hand the new software's predictive analytics functionality, which enables automated forecasting of key corporate indicators. "We will also demonstrate the ease of mobile access with Jedox 5.1 using real-world examples. Visitors will be able to see where Jedox is going in terms of mobility and cloud technology," adds Jedox Vice President Business Consulting, Dr. Rolf Gegenmantel.

In addition, Jedox will premiere its new, dedicated partner program, Mutual Success, at the Roadshow events. At every event, attendees will receive valuable information on how partners can benefit from Jedox BI and PM technology and the company's continuing development. Following their demonstrations of best practice processes, Jedox solution specialists will be available for discussion.

Jedox Roadshow 2014 dates and locations include
: Mexico City, 2-3 June; Boston, New York and Washington, 17 June-7 July; Singapore, 15 July; and Tokyo, 17 July. To register, see more venues and get more information, visit www.jedox.com/de/rs2014.