Jedox in the BARC BI Survey 14: the world's fastest and most agile analysis and planning

15.OCT.2014: Jedox wins top ratings across the 2014 BARC BI Survey. Jedox is first in 11 categories within the OLAP analyses and planning peer groups and voted #1 by BI users in 9 other categories.

The BARC BI Survey is the world's largest survey of BI users. The 2014 results confirm Jedox is intuitive, powerful, and flexible in empowering business users to gain insight from their data.

"In 2014, Jedox has positioned itself within the peer group as a top self-service planning tool and the leader in OLAP analyses" says Dr. Christian Fuchs, Head of Research at BARC.

Fastest performance

Jedox is the fastest in OLAP analyses and planning. BARC's #1 rating showed Jedox's excellent performance and scalability in managing big data for planning. Jedox's in-memory accelerator with advanced GPU-technology innovation enables significant performance gains.

Agile and flexible

Jedox achieves top position for agility. This category combines self-service, user flexibility, and project length. Departments are empowered to gain insight independently. Jedox's innovative ExcelPLUS approach empowers users to work anywhere with Excel-like familiarity, making Jedox very easy to use and implement.

"Customers rate the Jedox-software as the fastest to implement tool within the peer groups planning and OLAP analysis," confirms Dr. Christian Fuchs.


Jedox is the highest value with unified planning, analysis, and reporting. The BARC's "price-to-value perception" category captures sustained value as business users apply Jedox to solve new business challenges year after year. Jedox's low-TCO results from a transparent and easily scalable license model, coupled with the lowest operation and administration costs.

"We are delighted to be a clear winner in BARC's 2014 survey because it confirms our commitment to Business-driven Intelligence. Our goal is to develop great products founded on our philosophy of empowering business users. We design Jedox to be fast, flexible, and easy and the excellent results from real users confirm we are on the right track", emphasizes Bernd Eisenblätter, CSO at Jedox AG.

Visit www.jedox.com and download your free copy of the BI Survey 2014.

About Jedox

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