The 5th FMCG, Retail & Agribusiness Arena 2014

Infoarena group with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development as co-organizer, organized FMCG, Retail & Agribusiness Arena 2014. Arena is under the auspicies of Croatian Ministry of Agriculture and minister of agriculture, Mr. Tihomir Jakovina had an opening speech.

The theme of the first roundtable was Round table of Ministers - Agribusiness Strategy till 2020. Participants of the first roundtable were Tihomir Jakovina - Minister of Agriculture (Croatia), Miloš Jovanović - Director of Investment Promotion Agency (Montenegro), Dušan Nešković - Assistant of the Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Dejan Židan - Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food (Slovenia) and Zoran Rajić - State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment (Serbia).

The ministers concluded that in previous years the whole region became more strongly included in all Euro-Atlantic integration. That is for all countries in the region a major challenge, but also a strong possibility that needs to be recognized and be actively involved in the international exchange of goods, services, capital but also knowledge. The main challenge for regional cooperation was emphasized as administrative barriers. The big challenge are also the major problems with natural disasters caused by climate change which had the most impact on agriculture and the pressure of lower quality goods which are cheaper than the ones from the countries of South Eastern Europe. A particular problem is the outdated infrastructure, especially railway infrastructure and maritime and inland waterway transport which needs be restored through the EU funds. Minister Jakovina emphasized ecological and organic production as a great opportunity for all countries in the region and concluded that we perhaps cannot massively produce, but we can with strong branding create high-quality products.

Common agribusiness export strategy in SE Europe was concluded as a very elusive goal, but we must have dialogue between countries of the region and connect those who can contribute to the cooperation of the whole region because it is the only way to the third markets. "If we want to progress as a region, we must be partners and not be the obstacle to development! - concluded Minister Jakovina.

Održan je i panel pod nazivom: Black Sea - Danube Supply Area and link with Mediterranean demand side na kojem su sudjelovali; Miodrag Kostić, Predsjednik MK Grupe, Srbija, Ilija Studen, Predsjednik STUDEN & CO Holdinga (Austria), Vedran Devčić, Predsjednik odbora Luke Rijeka (Hrvatska), Spomenka Radivojević - Director of export-import & logistics, Delta Agrar (Srbija) te Nikola Vujačić - Generalni direktor Victoria Grupe (Srbija). Zaključeno je kako kupna potražnja za hranom i dalje raste te regija mora razviti bolju infrastrukturu kako bi podigla konkurentnost i smanjila troškove. Modernizirani lučki prijevoz kontejnerima budućnost je za sve - rekao je G. Devčić.

Also panel titled: Black Sea - Danube Supply Area and link with Mediterranean demand side was held today. On it participate; Miodrag Kostic, President of MK Group, Serbia, Ilija Studen, President of Studen & CO Holding (Austria), Vedran Devčić, President of the Board of the Port of Rijeka (Croatia), Spomenka Radivojevic - Director of export-import & logistics, Delta Agrar (Serbia) and Nikola Vujacic - The Director General of Victoria Group (Serbia).On this panel was concluded that purchasing demand for food continues to grow and the region must develop a better infrastructure in order to raise competitiveness and reduce costs. Modernized port container transport is a future for all! - said Mr. Devčić.

Ana Pavlović

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