FMCG, Retail & Agribusiness Arena 2014

Infoarena group with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development as co-organizer, organized FMCG, Retail & Agribusiness Arena 2014. Arena is under the auspices of Croatian Ministry of Agriculture .

Panelists of the roundtable: Consolidation, equity investments, m&a activities and future of fmcg & retail market, which was moderated by EBRD Director for Croatia, Verdrana Jelušić Kašić, attempted to answer the question of how traditional unattractive sectors could become attractive for investors, which are available financing instruments, which are driving forces, and which are the exit strategies. Some of the conclusions of the panel members were following.

Mislav Galić, Executive Vice President of Agrokor, issued that, the fact the terms of the share of food and beverages sector are2, 8 in total GDP,makes Croatia a second place country in the European Community. Galić said that Agrokors taking over Mercator is a great opportunity for the region, although many will say that now it will be far too big company for this region. Olivia Jakupec, member of Podravka board, revealed that Podravka in the last year and a half has considerably increased its activity, cleaned up the balance sheet and is ready to take over some companies. "Now we are in the active process of searching for targets in the region. The main goal is to maintain our strong position in the region and possibly get in this way new markets. "Said Jakupec.

"Atlantic Group wants to grow outside of the region and to that we will focus in the coming period. That is the reason way we bought Foodland." - Said Vranković, vice president of Atlantic Group. Consultant for the Adriatic region Urs Indermühle pointed out positive trends in the region and said that 37 percent of executives surveyed leading companies in the region see the growth in the food and beverage sector while the rest cautiously optimistic.

Is there potential for organic growth in the region despite the assumption that there will be no radical changes for the better was the key question of the roundtable 4: Growth on efficiency, internal & external, vertical & horizontal, which was moderated by Luka Orešković, Co-Chair, Emerging Europe Business and Government at Harvard University (USA)

Miloš Milovanović, coordinator of FAO projects in Serbia believes that the elimination of tariff barriers within the region is an imperative! Vice President of Delta Holding in Serbia, in charge of Strategy and Development Marija Desivojević Cvetković, revealed that in recent years after intensive restructuring their company, they are now thinking about organic growth, both within the region, but also it is contemplated the growth outside the region. "Restructuring is an ongoing process and it is in every well-guided company, continuously conducting." - says Marija Desivojević Cvetković.

Mircea Draja, general manager of Coca-Cola HBC Croatia, Coca-Cola HBC BH Sarajevo and Coca-Cola HBC Slovenia says: "In order to understand the trends and that we keep going ahead, it is essential to have knowledge and be innovative. That, with an efficient organization, almost become a requirement for competitiveness. ", says Mircea Draja.

In addition to this two large panels, Arena also hed a small Romanian panel on the topic: SEE and Romania - more connections and Hot-Spot tables led by companies; Atos & SAP, Respons Digitus, Symphony EYC, Spica International and Visa Europe.

Ana Pavlović

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