The Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana is celebrating its 70th anniversary today

Ljubljana, 8 March 2016. It was established in 1946 as part of the University of Ljubljana and soon became one of the most influential university organisations in the region. Since being established, 38,556 students have graduated, 6,775 students have completed their Master's studies and another 399 have received their doctoral degree at our Faculty. In the seven decades it has been operating, the Faculty of Economics has evolved into the leading Slovenian education and scientific-research institution in the fields of economics and business science and has also won recognition in the broader economic area. The two international accreditations of excellence (EQUIS and AACSB) have ranked it among the 116 business schools in the world that hold both business education accreditations, which is an outstanding achievement on the global scale. With these accreditations, the Faculty has gained recognition for its top quality, thus consolidating its international visibility and reputation, along with improving the employment prospects of its graduates.

In both the past and today, the Faculty's lecturers have always included renowned Slovenian and foreign economists and business education experts. Professors, graduates and students of the Faculty have contributed crucially to the economic and political development of society as well as to attaining the goals set out in the Faculty's vision and mission. The Faculty of Economics has committed itself to pursuing the Principles for Responsible Management Education, promoting the inclusion of the concepts of sustainable development and social responsibility within all of the Faculty's activities.

Over the decades of its operations, the Faculty of Economics has established a number of connections with the business community and the wider social environment, as reflected in the participation of representatives of the business sector and other organisations in the Faculty's community and their active role in the Faculty's management. The Faculty is particularly proud of its Alumni Club, a community of graduates which includes more than 11,000 active members.

In the jubilee year of 2016, the Faculty of Economics will organise and host several professional and business events dedicated to presenting its operations and celebrating this important anniversary. In autumn, the Faculty will present its long-standing operations at a solemn academy, whereas the jubilee year will be rounded off with an international conference of deans of business and economic schools in Ljubljana, scheduled for February 2017, under the auspices of the European Foundation for Management Development.