Anny Way Mobile Data Gateway goes live with O2 in Germany

Dortmund, 3 November 2003 WAP 2.0 is immediately available to all of O2�'s German customers. The basis for this is that Anny Way Mobile Data Gateway from MATERNA Information & Communications comprises the new WP TCP Protocol Stack and WP HTTP as the first WAP Gateway parallel to the WAP protocol used up until now.

This will mean that Anny Way Mobile Data Gateway will enable uniform access to mobile Internet facilities with handsets currently available and those newly developed. So O2 customers will soon be able to access all WAP services with the new Nokia 6600 that will require WAP 2.0 support.

The gateway offers another major advantage: with just one network element, businesses and network operators can manage all services - irrespective of whether they are based on WAP 1.1, WAP 1.2.1 or WAP 2.0.

MATERNA is a leading software company in information and communication technology. The company employs 1,115 staff worldwide and in 2002 achieved a turnover of 145 million euros. As well as its head office in Dortmund, the company has branches at home as well as in several cities abroad.

O2 (Germany) GmbH & Co. OHG, a subsidiary of mmO2 plc, covers all mobile customers�' telecommunications requirements. With its own extensive network infrastructure, as well as innovative post-paid and pre-paid products, O2 also offers mobile data services based on GPRS Technology. The company will also be bringing products for the UMTS generation of mobile phones onto the market. mmO2 plc has 18.7 million customers in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany.

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