myhosting.com Gives Free Linux Accounts with All Windows Shared-Hosting Accounts

TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 1, 2004--myhosting.com, a leading global provider of affordable and superior web and application hosting services and a brand of SoftCom Technology Consulting Inc., announces a dramatic departure from pure Windows(R) hosting by launching a new blended hosting environment, providing shared-hosting customers both a Windows(R) and Linux account within a single plan.

"The demand for Linux tools and application support has been growing rapidly and can't be ignored," says Tony Yustein, CEO of SoftCom Technology Consulting Inc. "We still stand behind and support the Windows platform but we must listen to our customers. And they tell us that applications drive their choice of hosting provider, not the Operating System."

In response to this demand, myhosting has created a unique, hybrid hosting package based on their original Windows offering. Customers who sign up for their regular shared-hosting plans get full Windows application support including features like the popular Microsoft(R) SQL database and FrontPage(R), in addition to a separate, native Linux account in which they can run popular Linux scripts and tools like PHP, PERL and MySQL. myhosting.com will not charge any additional fees for this Linux account.

In response to the growing popularity of Linux hosting, Microsoft has been actively promoting their .NET initiative, a new programming platform that gives greater flexibility and programming power to Microsoft developers, who are expected to produce the next generation of applications and tools for the internet.

"myhosting.com remains committed to the .NET initiative and firmly believes the future of application hosting will come from Microsoft," says Michael Carr, Vice-President of SoftCom. "However today we recognize that the open-source community has produced some great tools and we want to make sure our customers can use them. With our new blended accounts they now have the choice to run both accounts simultaneously at no extra cost."

About myhosting.com

myhosting.com is a provider of superior and affordable hosting services to customers in over 140 countries. Founded in January 1997 and based in Toronto, Canada, myhosting.com is committed to providing extraordinary value and choice to their customers. In addition to myhosting.com, SoftCom owns and operates the premier web-based email retrieval system - mail2web.com. Both myhosting(R) and mail2web(R) are registered trademarks and brands of SoftCom Technology Consulting Inc.