Yanfeng Automotive Interiors reveals 'Quality of Life' research study and insight into global consumer behavior

The world leader in automotive interiors discovers perceptual shift to better understand and address future mobility needs

NEUSS, Germany - 17 January 2018. According to a global research study conducted by Yanfeng Automotive Interiors (YFAI), quality of life is becoming more valued over conventional definitions of success all across the globe. Quality of life is a global mega-trend monitored by YFAI's Strategic Research team that looks at the persistent human need for peace, personal interaction, rich experiences, purpose, and good health. As a leader in the design and development of automotive interiors, YFAI is looking at the time people spend in their vehicles and how sharing, ownership, and other quality of life factors influence the use of that time.

The leading trend study is in response to the growing importance of automotive interiors as people spend more time in their cars each day. In the study, 2000 participants were surveyed in China, Germany, and the United States to understand how consumers define quality of life in different regions, how this influences their decision-making process, and how this knowledge can lead to improved future mobility experiences. The study results reveal that eight quality of life dimensions rise to the top as key influencers. Three of them - security, physical well-being, and quality - are nearly universal across all regions. Although quality of life values change with age, emotions, connections, and relationships remain important across all age groups.

"Recognizing Quality of Life as a driver of change and innovation, it was critical for us to conduct a study around this global mega trend, as a way to deepen our knowledge and understanding of its expected impact on consumer preferences of new mobility offerings," said Renae Pippel, Director of Strategic Research for Yanfeng Automotive Interiors.

The ability to design the right vehicles and the right interiors is not only based on understanding practical functions and features, but also on targeting and executing the right experience for a journey's specific length of time. Knowing that a vehicle has only 20 minutes to fulfill its brand, service, or product promise to the passenger is a different proposition compared to the way that cars have been traditionally designed, developed, marketed, and sold. YFAI will use this valuable insight to influence and inform future product innovations in order to improve future in-car experiences.

The detailed press release is available in digital form in our Media Center at www.yfai.com.

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