UN halts caviar exports - natural stock of sturgeon almost depleted

Caviar Creator: Magic moment for aquaculture caviar


As reported in the New York Times on September 1, a worldwide export ban has been pronounced on caviar from its traditional countries of origin. This bad news for the world's gourmets is the final act in a long tragedy. Enduring exhaustive cultivation and illegal fishing by the countries bordering the Caspian Sea have almost destroyed the natural stock of sturgeon and driven the price of caviar up to astronomical levels. In the past year, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Iran exported 150 tons of sevruga, osetra and beluga caviar.

Will caviar end up being an unattainable delicacy for everyone in the world? Probably not, because there is hope. But it does not lie in the sturgeon's traditional waters. Salvation swims in the breeding ponds of Caviar Creator, which anticipated the ruin of wild sturgeon stocks years ago. Caviar Creator is breeding the delicate noble fish under ideal conditions in modern breeding facilities and is in a position to increase its crop of first-class caviar in the next five years to 400 tons. At the same time, about 10,000 tons of sturgeon delicacies will satisfy the apparently insatiable demand for noble fish.

At present, the world's largest closed aquaculture facility for the breeding of sturgeon is being built in Demmin, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany. At this facility alone, 33 tons of caviar can be produced annually. That is more than twice as much as the total German caviar imports in 2002. Additional facilities are in the pipeline for the world market - in Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Malta, Spain and Moscow.

Frank Schaefer, CEO of Caviar Creator Inc.'s European subsidiary in Düsseldorf, Germany had this to say: "We consider the current market situation, and more so the expected explosion in demand for farmed caviar, to be a milestone in our company's history.. These latest developments already ensure us a market share of 25 percent, which ought to go up to 99 percent in five years."

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