Joint Venture with Chinese Sturgeon Producer: Caviar Creator Embarks for the Land of Cathay

DUSSELDORF, Germany, January 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Caviar Creator Embarks for the Land of Cathay: the American company with affiliates in Dusseldorf has begun a joint venture with the Chinese Tianxia Sturgeon Company. The Asian sturgeon producer, with about 600 tons of living fish, has the largest crop of sturgeon species in the world. Those also include sturgeon that are extinct in the natural world. "With the location in China, the internationalisation of Caviar Creator is going to the next level," says Frank Schaefer, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Caviar Creator. "It will bring us one step closer to claiming the number one position in the world market." The new company will bear the name Caviar Creator China.

Caviar Creator will construct an aquacultural facility in China this year. The model for this construction is the aquacultural facility that is currently nearing completion in Demmin (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern). The joint facilities of Caviar Creator and the Tianxia Sturgeon Company are being financed by investors in Hong Kong. Caviar Creator brings technological know-how to the joint venture. Moreover, Caviar Creator will be taking over global marketing and contributing its knowledge of caviar creation. The Tianxia Sturgeon Company, on the other hand, possesses the know-how for breeding, the high quality fish crop and the leading position on the Chinese fish market. "Those are the best possible conditions for a successful entry into this enormous market," says Schaefer. The growth potential of the Chinese market for the delicacy of caviar is enormous, as well, since fish products have a very high significance in Asia but caviar is not available in a desirable quality. The Tianxia Sturgeon Company is headquartered in Qinlinshi-Gaobazhou, in the Hubei Province of central China. The region is one of the most economically active of central China. Here, the company operates the largest sturgeon breeding facility in the country. The operation's facilities stretch over a total area of 4,000 hectares, including pond and river enclosures. The Tianxia Sturgeon Company covers the entire value creation chain, from breeding to marketing. In addition to sturgeon meat, other products are cosmetics and sturgeon leather, as well as dietary supplements. This pallet of products will now enrich the product portfolio of Caviar Creator, as well.

The Caviar Creator Company focuses on the construction, financing and operation of aquacultural facilities, in addition to the production of sturgeon and caviar and their refinement into delicacies. The largest closed aquacultural facility in the world is currently being constructed in Demmin (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern), for the breeding of sturgeon. In the coming years, about 33 tons of caviar and 400 tons of sturgeon meat will be produced here annually. The company plans to build 20 aquacultural facilities worldwide in the next six years. Caviar Creator also recently took over the facilities of FischCo-Demmin Aquakultur GmbH, also in Demmin.

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