Canton of Geneva’s Economic Promotion Trip to Shanghai China brings success for Geneva Company WISeKey

Shanghai, China, The Canton of Geneva�'s Economic Promotion trip led by Minister Carlo Lamprecht and organized by the Swiss Centre Shanghai and the Geneva Chamber of Commerce has helped Geneva

headquartered company WISeKey establish business relations and contracts with China.

WISeKey SA provides solutions for all situations where security relies on identity both in the physical and virtual worlds. WISeKey, represented in the Economic Promotion trip to China by WISeKey�'s two founders, President Carlos Moreira and CEO Malcolm Hutchinson, held a number of important meetings with Government officials and corporate executives in both Shanghai and Beijing. WISeKey�'s founders had already delivered in the 90's important projects in China with the deployment of the Trade Point Development Centre of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation MOFTEC as well as the establishment of Trade Points in several major cities in the country, effectively opening China to e-commerce for the first time.

Now, using the vision they started through WISeKey, the same team has gone to China to promote the use of e-security and e-government solutions. As part of this evolution, the WISeKey delegation has met with Liu Minsheng, Chief Information Officer of SinoTrans and reached an agreement to develop a pilot project to secure SinoTrans, China�'s largest logistics company, using the Microsoft-WISeKey trusted platform based of Microsoft server 2003 (www.microsoft.com/presspass/features/2004/aug04/08-16wisekey.asp).

With this trip WISEKey is also setting in place the framework for creating a joint venture company as WISeKey China. Additionally, as part of WISekey�'s vision to create global trustworthy trading communities, WISeKey in conjunction with Philippe Doubre, Director General of World Trade Center Geneva, also present in China, have established contacts to create awareness among Chinese companies to use WTC Geneva as a platform to reach European markets.

Carlos Moreira stated, "this trip to China organized by the Geneva Chamber of Commerce was very successful for WISeKey and its timing has been perfect for us since China is currently organizing the logistics for its hosting of the Olympics in 2008. Whilst we already had a number of meetings arranged, we were able to make these meetings coincide with meeting new contacts introduced by the Swiss Centre Shanghai, creating a number of new business opportunities."

Carlo Lamprecht said that he is "very pleased to see positive results for Geneva companies such as WISeKey arising from the Economic Promotion Tour. WISeKey�'s success as one of Geneva�'s information technology stars proves the value of the Canton of Geneva supporting its businesses with such tours because their success provides an economic boost for the Canton and contributes to the vision of Geneva as the information security centre of excellence for the world".

Daniel Ybarra

Director Communications & Marketing


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