Grünenthal acquires global rights for Qutenza®

Aachen, Germany, 5 November 2018 - Grünenthal, the science-focused pharmaceutical company based in Germany, announced today that it has acquired additional global commercial rights for the dermal pain patch Qutenza® (8% capsaicin) from Acorda Therapeutics, Inc (USA). Grünenthal is now the sole owner of Qutenza® worldwide, including the US, Latin America, Asia and Australia. Grünenthal had already acquired exclusive commercial rights for Europe, Middle East and Africa in December 2016.

"As a leader in pain research and management, we're dedicated to providing solutions for patients with high unmet medical needs. Qutenza® is a perfect strategic fit, as it complements our existing pain portfolio and is a real alternative to the current standard of care," says Gabriel Baertschi, Grünenthal's Chief Executive Officer.

Qutenza® is a highly effective pain product. A single, 1-hour, localised treatment with this patch may provide at least 3 months of relief from for example post-shingles nerve pain. Grünenthal will aim to make Qutenza® available to patients worldwide. In territories where the company does not have a presence of its own such as Asia and Australia, Grünenthal will look to partner or out-license Qutenza®.

Grünenthal continues executing its growth strategy and has been expanding its pain portfolio by a series of acquisitions including European rights to Nexium®, the global (ex US and Japan) rights to Vimovo® and global (ex Japan) rights to Zomig®. The company has signed deals with a total value of more than US$ 1.3 billion since 2016.

About Qutenza®

Qutenza® (capsaicin) 8% patch is approved in the US for the management of neuropathic pain associated with postherpetic neuralgia. A single, 1-hour, localized treatment with Qutenza® may provide at least 3 months of relief from for example post-shingles nerve pain (PHN). In Europe, Qutenza® is approved by the European Medicines Agency for the treatment of peripheral neuropathic pain in adults, either alone or in combination with other pain medicines. The 8% capsaicin patch delivers a high dose of capsaicin directly to the damaged nerves in the skin that are the source of neuropathic pain. Applied to the area of pain, the capsaicin reduces the spontaneous activity and consequently reduces the neuropathic pain intensity. Important safety information can be found here: www.qutenza.com and www.ema.europa.eu/documents/product-information/qutenza-epar-product-information_en.pdf

About Grünenthal

Grünenthal is an entrepreneurial, science-based pharmaceutical company specialized in pain, gout and inflammation. Our ambition is to deliver four to five new products to patients in diseases with high unmet medical need by 2022 and become a € 2 bn company. We are a fully integrated research & development company with a long track record of bringing innovative pain treatments and state-of-the-art technologies to patients. By sustainably investing in our R&D above the industrial average, we are strongly committed to innovation.

Grünenthal is an independent, family-owned company headquartered in Aachen, Germany. We are present in approx. 30 countries with affiliates in Europe, Latin America and the US. Our products are sold in more than 100 countries and approx. 5,200 employees are working for Grünenthal worldwide. In 2017, Grünenthal achieved revenues of approx. € 1.3 bn.

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