Innovation company Quantron AG sets new standards in the field of e-mobility

Founded in July, the company offers innovative e-mobility solutions in the truck sector, giving companies a sustainable and economic dimension through a corresponding range of retrofitting processes. QuantronAG offers logistics, bus and municipal disposal companies for MAN, Mercedes, DAF and Iveco brands, as well as a range of electric vehicles, the opportunity to electrify their existing vehicle pool from 5-44 tonnes.

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"Our approach is based on a modification of the drive unit in which conventional engine technology is replaced by a powerful electric drive", explains Andreas Haller, founder/CEO of QuantronAG. "By keeping existing vehicle chassis, our resource-based solution is fully sustainable and economically attractive to companies."

"Recent developments in politics, business and society require from companies to take immediate action regarding renewable energy and sustainability. We see ourselves as an innovative and future-oriented company in the field of commercial vehicle electrification. "The E-drive is currently the most ecologically and economically sensible solution, especially for the end of the line, where distance range is not the top priority. Customers of QuantronAG have already traveled 1.8 million kilometers electronically. So that companies do not have to invest in expensive new vehicles and thus remain competitive in the future, they are offered an effective, economical and sustainable solution.

Hallergroup can look back on over130 years of experience in the commercial vehicle business. The newly founded QuantronAG combines this experience with the necessary innovative power. Through years of expertise, the company knows the customer's needs exactly.

In eBattery, the company is a pioneer and offers individual services in the entire infrastructure and energy storage in the industrial sector. Expansion will be achieved through the opening of sales offices in Spain, Italy, Israel in September 2019.

Serhat Yilmaz
Head of Press/Marketing